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No Touch : No Drugs : No Needles : Pure Prana (天然气)

Pranic Healing healed my knee pain

My knee hurt when I walked. I tried doctors, TCM doctors and massages to no avail. It is Pranic Healing that completely heals my pain. Thank you  
- Loy Chee Leong

Type II Diabetes

If you have tried all options and your diabetes is not getting better. We can help you. Call us Now

My foot is saved from being cut

The doctor suspected that the virus had attacked the bone and they wanted to cut away half of my right foot when my right toe was badly infected. 3 Pranic Healers did intensive healing for me prior to the operation On the day when I was put on the operation theatre bed, the doctor found no sign o...
- Cynthia Chan



Osteoarthritis has no cure, according to western medicine today. Doctors only help you to manage your joint pain.

Your options for treatment are

•Life long mediation to control the pain
•Injection of artificial joint fluid to relieve pain temporarily
•Operation to replace the joint, which does not guarantee complete pain relief


Pranic Angel offers an alternative way to manage Osteoarthritis. Pranic Healing helps to

•Reduce the joint pain, with no side effects
•Reduce the dependency on pain killers

Type II Diabetes

•How many years have you been taking medicine to control blood glucose levels?
•Have you changed your diets and see little improvement?
•Have you avoided exercise because of body pain?
•Have you been able to sleep well?
•Has your dosage for medicine been increasing over the years?
•Diabetes medicine has many side effects. Has your liver or kidney fallen sick after extended period of diabetic medication?


Type II Diabetes is a lifestyle disease. You will need to eat well, sleep well and exercise regularly. Pranic Healing, in conjunction with Crystal Energy SPA will

•Relieve physical pain so that you can exercise well.
•Relieve emotional distress so you can sleep well
•Strengthen your will to control over your choice of healthy food
•Build up your energy level so your body can do the self healing rapidly

The long-term goals of treatment are to prevent diabetic problems and to reduce the dosage of medicine.